Well, I can't expect you to be comfortable in front of my camera, if I don't get a little vulnerable with you first. Right?

So hey, I'm Roslyn and Clare is my middle name. I'm 27 years old, I have a 3 year old daughter, Olivia and my partner Rey is my biggest fan. We live together in a beautiful mountain town in the NSW Snowy Mountains, called Tumut. I have been photographing families and couples for just over 10 years, whoh!

However, since becoming a Mum, my perspective on photography and how I create memories has shifted significantly.

You see, our daughter was born almost two months premature and at just six weeks old, she was given a new diagnosis for a rare chromosomal disorder. The majority of her infancy is a distant blurred memory in a dark space at the back of my mind. A mix of doctors appointments, specialists, questions with no answers and a whole lot of self doubt, anxiety and tone of post natal depression.

My approach to photography is this.

I am here for you, I see you, you're more than you give yourself credit for.
Let my camera and my creativity be the tool, and let me help you create some beautiful images of you and your loved ones!

I believe that by giving my couples and families the space to be themselves, is the only way to truly capture the unique relationship that binds your souls and hearts together. I will show up judgement free and guide you through this process to ensure you have a fun, memorable photography experience. I'm here to be so much more than just a photographer.

Behind all this fancy stuff, I'm pretty normal, super fun and I laugh, A LOT!

When we're not working, you'll find us three amigos together outside! We love our mountain town and the winter season is our favourite! (I love skiing!) During the summer months you'll find us exploring the Snowy Mountains and chasing sunsets together. We're adventure kind of people, and we're happiest when playing outdoors together.

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