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For years, my heart has been called to creating a space where photographers and likeminded business owners can show up, be themselves, collaborate and learn together in a safe, judgement free environment. The heart behind wanting to educate others in this creative industry comes from a mindset of community, not competition. 

I'm naturally an extroverted personality, (type 3 enneagram if you're wondering) but I understand that not everyone is geared this way. You will not be judged here, this is a safe space for you to learn, grow and thrive doing what you love. I can be a listening ear, a sounding board to your ideas and dreams, or I can be a wealth of knowledge and guidance for you. 

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      Weekly photography tips, business hacks & more!

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      When I was 18 years old, wanting to be a photographer, I remember being put down by so many people, work colleagues and "friends" at school. It wasn't normal to have dreams this big at that age. (pre Instagram days, I'm talking MySpace ya'll) #ifyouknowyouknow - I had no idea what I was doing, learning about the technical side of my camera didn't excite me and I basically learn't everything off from trial and error! You could say, I was definitely "winging it" for years.

      One thing I was certain about though, was the connections I made with the people that I was capturing,  and the fact that I was able to make someone feel amazing as they said "Oh wow, I love that photo of myself Roslyn!" - to me that was (and still is) the number one reason behind why I love photography - making others happy.

      This "why" now branches out into the education side of my business, I want to help you see that you are capable of great things, that you're worthy of a profitable, successful business AND a life you love!

      sally duggan photography

      This is what happened with Ros, she believed in me and that made me thrive and gave me the motivation to want to build my business and build my personal brand. Ros, thank you so much for giving me this confidence that I never thought I would have.
      You have given me so much, helping me build my business and helping me walk along the path to go full time.

      "It’s truly amazing what happens when you have someone believing in you and your business."

      Business foundations, setting yourself up to succeed and become profitable.

      Natural light portrait photography and shooting for clean, timeless tones and colours.

      Social media education, all things personal branding and marketing yourself online. 

      1:1 with roslyn

      Mentoring Includes

      fiona maye photography

      ...and I never would have been able to get to where I am today without the guidance and assistance of someone that I hope to call my friend for a lifetime. For any budding photographers out there, if you are looking for an awesome mentor, I can’t recommend Ros highly enough.
      Ros, you are an incredible person and photographer!! Thank you for taking a chance on me and showing me how to get my business off the ground and how to grow!

      "Not in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I would be where I am today"

      sally duggan photography

       I believe that everything happens for reason and I definitely think that I was meant to meet Ros- its hard to explain how much she has given me and my business. My one big goal was to be able to run my business full time and now that I am actually doing it. I probably wouldn't be up to this stage in my business and I definitely wouldn't have the confidence that I now have.

      "I definitely could not have achieved this without your help and guidance.

      I want to know more

      I'm really excited to hear more about your journey and passion. Please know, I only take on a limited number of 1:1 students each year.

      Think you're ready?

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        Weekly photography tips, business hacks & more!

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