I'm so excited to share with you my BRAND NEW
Client For Life program!

Where I get to photograph you and your loved ones EVERY YEAR for the next 5 years!!!

It's that simple!

Welcome, friends!
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I'm so happy to see you here, want to join the family?

Hello and welcome, future friend...

If you're new around here, welcome... I'm Roslyn, a 27 year old photographer based in Tumut, NSW (Roslyn Clare Photography)

Traditionally speaking, when you're looking at hiring a photographer, it's a once off experience, or something you only think about when you absolutely need it (like on your wedding day)

As a Client For Life member of the RCP family, you're making the commitment to several years (5 to be exact) of professional photography to capture your family as you grow through seasons together.

From marriage, to motherhood, and all the messy in-betweens.

Our future time together is where the value of your initial investment begins to pay dividends as I capture your story for years to come! I love my clients dearly and I can't wait for you to be a part of the RCP family!

Learn about the WHY behind the Client For Life...

how do I become a client for life?

If you're a previous client of mine, or you're new here, there's a way for you to upgrade your photography package to include the Client For Life program. You can join at any time throughout our journey together....

our first moments together

As a Client For Life, you'll get one 1 hour photo session with Roslyn every year, for the next 5 years. Yup, it's that simple. I'll save space in my calendar for you, to capture the special seasons as you grow. Think family reunions, maternity, newborn, anniversary, holiday seasons, kids moving away from home.... the list goes on! 

what does a client for life get?

As my prices rise every year and the demand for my services grows, you can have comfort in knowing your sessions are locked in for years to come and you're not subject to sudden financial stress. Save yourself BIG $$ and hold yourself accountable for capturing and preserving your life together...


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