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Oh little Huey, this was such a lovely session! Also, one of the only sun/light filled sessions I’ve had in months (total fluke I’m sure). Tumut is incredibly beautiful this time of the year!!! But, as you’re ready this, the start of November, this whole area where we shot their session is currently underwater, sooooo, there’s that #mountainweather.

ANYWAY. Jess and Rick, where do I even start?! I love this little family so much! I’ll be photographing Jess and Rick’s wedding in March next year, near Gundagai (hopefully not underwater haha) and I’m so excited! Jess is actually one of Olivia’s daycare teachers, so it was so lovely getting to photograph her little family and pay back a little love (that she gives SO much to Olivia every week)

This was their “engagement/pre wedding session”. Jess organised for Huey to be picked up in the last half an hour of their session, so we could just spend time on her and Rick (perfect idea)

Little Huey was very hesitant and shy, which is more normal than people think. Sometimes looking at beautifully curated Instagram feeds and blogs, you miss the messy bits and it’s easy to forget that things don’t always go to plan (actually, they rarely ever do with little kids).

A little insight to the behind the scenes of this session? Is that you don’t see me spending 30-40 minutes just chatting, playing, talking and picking flowers, looking out for ducks and birds, just allowing Huey to get comfortable with me. I’m a stranger to him, he has every right to feel shy. But that kind of patience and kindness pays off, and goes a long way to kids learning to trust a photographer. I think typically kids can be shamed and put down a fair bit in family sessions for “not smiling” or listening, but when it comes down to it, they’re not trying to be bad, they’re just uncomfortable, shy and need a little time (adults are exactly the same) Find yourself a photographer that is willing to give that to your family.

I bet you, when their wedding day rolls around, he’ll remember the kindness and we’ve already built a connection. Enjoy a few of my favourites from their session, this afternoon was so playful and fun.

PS, 10 points if you can guess the two photos that Huey took when I handed him my camera to play with 🙊

Roslyn xx

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