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How overwhelming is it to choose what your kids should wear for your portrait session, right?! I know what’s going through your head. “I don’t want them to get dirty, is this going to look good, what shoes should they wear, why won’t my toddler let me dress her?!” Ahh!

There are so many amazing online stores with some ridiculously good looking clothes for kids, most of the time, our kids are dressed better than us! #reallife

I wanted to make this less stressful for you, and show you my favorite places to buy outfits from to deck your kids in photo-worthy clothes from head to toe! Spoiler alert, you don’t have to (and shouldn’t be) spending hundreds of dollars on outfits, that they’ll probably only wear once or twice. So here are my 5 top tips and links to my favorite stores!

1. Save, or splurge?

Shops featured above > Target, Kmart and Cotton On Kids

When shopping for your kid’s outfits, spend more money on nice shirts, jackets, and dresses. Save money on cheaper pants and tights, or have them wear something they already own that you know they’re comfortable playing around in. During the cooler months (especially Autumn!), they’re more than likely to get dirtier bums and knees sitting on the ground and playing around having fun! Also, FYI, I put a lot of emphasis on having fun during your photo session and if there’s Autumn leaves on the ground, you betcha we’ll be rolling around and throwing them in the air! Don’t forget you can always bring a back up change of clothes in the car for the car ride home if they get messy!

2. Babies only need to wear the basics, don’t over complicate them!

Shops featured above >> Kmart, Cotton On Kids, Call Me Cutie Kids

Don’t overcomplicate the littlest family members, simple and comfortable is extra more important for them, especially if they’re not walking or sitting up on their own. If they are sitting up on their own, but not crawling or walking you can be a bit more creative with cardigans, jackets, and dresses. But if your little baby is under 3-4 months, simple onesies and buttoned up rompers are perfect. Don’t forget a little beanie to keep their heads warm too!

Remember how I said a change of clothes? Keep your little one dressed in a onesie or something simple for in the car, then change them into their “nice outfit” when you arrive at our location. If your little one is a little vomiter (like Olivia was) bring the bibs and we’ll keep them on and take them off as needed through your photo shoot.

3. Shoes are probably the most important thing for kids!

Shops featured above >> Cotton On Kids, Target, Call Me Cutie Kids

I can guarantee you if your child is uncomfortable in their footwear, they will not be enjoying themselves, no matter how “cute they look”, I’m not photographing your child’s feet, now am I? (unless of course, you ask me to, haha)

Remember how I said fun? That means them being comfortable and you should never compromise your child’s footwear for the sake of a good photo, it ain’t going to work (trust me, I’ve been that parent….). Instead of buying expensive new shoes, let them wear something they already own and can comfortably walk, run, and play in. If you are going to buy new, skip the thongs, ballet flats, and anything that’ll get their feet wet or muddy in that mushy Autumn/Winter ground cover and go for basic boots, slip-ons or even gumboots! (Cotton On Kids have the best gumboots!)

4. Ensure outfits are coordinating, not matching!

I like to think of it like this. Choose a color palette that you think works well with your family, then find pieces of clothing that are in that same “zone”. Here are a few examples that I’ve pulled out from Autumn-y tones that photograph really well this time of the year.

Use this grid below for your next family session and screenshot it to your phone so you can take it to the shops when choosing outfits! This rule applies to the whole family too, not just the kids! Keep it basic, no distracting patterns, logos or messy checkered shirts, the simpler, the better (trust me)

5. My favorite shops, if you feel like splurging!

I won’t judge you whatever you show up in, I promise. I want you and your family to look beautiful, obviously, but I also want (and need) you all to be comfortable. If you feel like splurging and spoiling your kids (or yourself) go for it! Here are my favourite stores (along side good old Target and Kmart). ALSO, did you know you can HIRE clothing?! #mindblown

Jamie Kay

Call Me Cute Kids (Tumut!!)
Seed Heritage
Cot Makers, Wagga

And, spoiler alert, you can HIRE clothes too!!
Small Smarts
Rent The Runway

Okay, friends, I hope this has helped you and given you some peace of mind when it comes to shopping for your little ones! Remember, it’s important they HAVE FUN, are COMFORTABLE, and can MOVE in what they’re wearing. And, it’s totally okay for your kids (and you) to be decked out in basic pieces from Kmart and Target, don’t underestimate the power of simple clothing and basic colors!

Was the blog post helpful? Drop me a comment below and tell me what you loved! Do you have any ideas for future blogs, I’d love to know too!

Roslyn xx

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