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Hey future brides! Today I’m sharing about one of the most exciting parts of your wedding day; getting ready! This is when it all starts to feel real, everyone around you is getting excited and you finally get to put on your dream wedding dress! It might not seem like the most important part of the day, but there are a few things to remember to make sure it’s as photographer friendly as possible!

1. Choose a space with lots of natural light! This means LOTS of windows! If you can pick a space that’s flooded with natural light, your images will be beautiful, especially if you hire a light and airy photographer like me! Your hair and make-up artist will thank you for it too, they normally need tones of natural light as well.

2. Give yourself plenty of time. This is one thing I’ve seen so many couples get wrong, and it has a domino effect on the rest of the day! Plan your hair and make-up to be finished at least 2 hours before you’re due to LEAVE for the ceremony. Ideally, you’d like to have all the prep work done before lunch, so you can sit down and enjoy a meal before it all gets crazy in the afternoon! (which brings me to number three…)

3. Don’t forget to have lunch! Okay, so this might have nothing to do with pretty photos but trust me if you forget to eat lunch and feed your bridesmaids/friends/family, everyone is bound to get super “hangry” by the time your ceremony rolls around (and no one wants that)!! I suggest ordering a sandwich platter from the supermarket, getting cheese trays delivered or ask your favourite Aunty to cook and bake you some goodies to bring around!

4. Have all your details ready to go for when I arrive. When I show up at your getting ready location, I want to get straight into photographing all your beautiful details for the day! This is where I get a chance to shake off my nerves (yes, I get nervous too) and I get to mingle with you and your bridesmaids for the first time! Have all your details ready for me in one room, so I don’t have to waste time shifting through rooms to find your pieces. Things to have ready include; any jewellery you plan on wearing, all three rings, your dress and bridesmaids dresses, shoes, hairpieces, flowers and/or bouquets, wedding invitations, save the dates, gifts and any excess ribbon or fabric from your seamstress.

5. Don’t get your hair and make-up done last! So I’ve seen it go really wrong when hair and make-up take longer than normal (which is okay) and the poor bride is left rushing at the last minute to get finished (and she misses lunch and is in a panic) Don’t be the last one to get ready!!! You can have a wedding with bridesmaids half done up, but it’s super important you’re done and ready to rock and roll for your ceremony! Talk to your hair and make-up artists and schedule yourself to be second or third last on the list.

I hope you loved this blog post! Leave me a comment below if you have any suggestions for future “advice” blogs or any feedback on this one!

Roslyn xx

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