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The Peacock Family | Tumut Family Photographer



If you’ve been following me along on Instagram for any amount of time, you’ll know this month (October) has been pretty full-on! I’ve had multiple weddings, 14 portrait sessions and a week of shooting at the local preschool. #hectic #givemeaholiday

Anyway, this family right here, the Peacock family, are truly something special! If there’s one thing I’ve learnt this month, it’s that community over customers, and serving my families and couples with respect and kindness reaps its benefits in more ways than one! Here’s why…

Last weekend, we also lost our beloved dog, Billy (the same day I was photographing this family) It was a total accident and he was struck by a car whilst out on a bike ride last Saturday. Whilst in hysterics about our loss, I frantically messaged Emma and said I wasn’t sure I could come out to take their photos. Instead of getting angry, raging and calling me a bad business person, she kindly replied with love, kind words and basically said: “You do whatever you have to do!”

With a face full of tears and me being a hot mess, I went out that evening and photographed their family still. I was immediately greeted with smiles, endless amounts of hugs, love, snacks and wine! I had done NOTHING for them at this stage yet they were ALL so kind and loving towards me and what had just happened literally a few hours prior. (And they totally didn’t judge me when I was a crying mess haha)

Should I mention it was pouring down rain, windy and freezing cold too?! Emma’s brother was visiting from America and this family don’t get to see each other often, so this session was happening NO MATTER WHAT.

As we danced and ran around in the rain barefoot, sipping wine and laughing together, I felt an overwhelming amount of love and admiration for them. I haven’t laughed so hard in so long and it was honestly just what I needed. Thank you SO much, Emma, and thank you to your beautiful family for inviting me out and making me feel so welcome and loved!!

Enjoy a few photos from their family session (totally can’t tell it was raining and cold as f) this sure was a fun one!!!

Roslyn xx

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