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Kelly + Brad | Batlow Engagement Session



Ah i’ve been busting to share this one with you guys! A few weeks ago I drove up to Batlow on a sunny Saturday afternoon to meet Kelly and Brad for their engagement session. I first met Kelly at the beginning of the year, we sat down over coffee and chatted about life, weddings and how messy and loud my baby was being at the table (note to self, don’t take kid to meet clients for the first time) HA! Anyway, when we first met I instantly knew that she was my kind of person and if you know Kelly and Brad personally, you’ll know what i’m talking about when I say these two are so flipping good together!

At first Kelly was a bit iffy (totally normal) about an engagement session, I had to do a bit of sweet talking to convince her that this is what her and Brad needed before their wedding! We worked out a plan to arrange access to an apple orchid that was operated by a friend of theirs and oh boy am I glad we did this! I’ve been dreaming of photographing in an apple orchid for years now!!! Basically ever since I moved to this area, I was like “I need to take photos in those!!!!!!!” So when they said to me “Oh we know someone” I pretty much squealed in excitement and did a little happy dance!!

Fast forward a few weeks and there we were! I love these two SO much already, they even bought me a cider (my fav, so appropriate) so we could have a little drink together and hang out while we took their photos!! I don’t think i’ve been so instantly relaxed around a new couple before (i’m usually a nervous freak) These two made me feel so welcome and it already feels like i’ve known them for years!! Ahhh their wedding is going to be SO. MUCH. FUN!!! Enjoy!!

PS, the last few photos, we were driving home after their session and I saw the last little bit of sun shine through a pine forest block. I drove so fast in my Mum wagon through the tracks to get to this spot so we could catch that last little bit of sunshine, so glad we did this! HAHA!


Roslyn xx


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